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About Crane Optical

Providing quality eye care is a family tradition at Crane Optical. We  have been caring for individuals and families in Oakland,Wayne, and  Macomb counties since 1949 and we're one of the longest standing  operations in the community.

Our practice was established by Dr.  Leonard Crane, Dr. Howard Crane's father in downtown Ferndale and has  remained in the same location ever since. Dr. Howard Crane joined the  practice in 1972, and for the past six decades Crane Optical has  provided exceptional eye care to tons of thousands of happy patients.

In  addition to caring for healthy eyes, Crane Optical offers a wide  selection of brand name frames, contact lenses, and quality lenses.  Minor medical treatment along with pre and post-op services for eye  laser and cataract surgery are also provided services.

Crane  Optical's philosophy is based on ensuring everyone receives proper eye  care and treatment. The main belief at Crane Optical is that if everyone  goes to see his or her family doctor and dentist regularly, everyone  should also see their eye doctor regularly as well. We rely on sight  more than any other sense to enjoy life to the fullest. Many eye health  issues often go undetected due to infrequent eye exams, which if caught  early, could be treated effectively in most cases.

Mission Statement:
Here  at Crane Optical we strive to provide the highest quality eye care at  affordable prices, to maintain a caring and personalized relationship  with our patients, and to attain an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

Our Promise To Satisfy You:
We  are not happy until you are. If, for any reason, you believe we have  not met the satisfaction standards that we promise, please tell us. We  will make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Dr. Howard E. Crane, O.D.

236 West 9 Mile, Ferndale, Michigan 48220

Phone (248) 545-5600 - Fax (248) 545-8420

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